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And the government officials... are people.
Hmm... I could argue that, I think... maybe another day.

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A breathtaking view of Californias Pacific coastline

#California #coast #nature #naturephotography

Pacific Coast line with high cliffs in foreground and distant mountains

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Beautifully done. The colors and the use of graphics. Great!
Hey @peggycollins, that's a beautiful blend of POP & WPAP

Why is it so hard to find labor news in MSM? ;-)

#UAW members expect campaign of terror from #management; #Teamsters to refuse to deliver vehicles

#UAWOnStrike #strike #strikes #Solidarity #union #unions #UnionStrong #SympathyStrike #capitalism #exploitation #ClassWar #ClassWarfare

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Heh... moi?

I can't really comment except to say that I'm seeing ongoing coverage of each new event/non-event, mostly across "MSM" (broadcast/cable). Sort of vague, along the lines of "speaking with GE, and 'making progress with Ford'.

That said, and also given how much 'important news' is packed into the mix, it's not like the story is being (intentionally) buried, IMM anyways. And I'd agree that it is not given the importance it may deserve, nor are labor concerns necessarily the top concern of ratings-oriented "news" feeds (though "economy" usually is).

But I don't have any problem in one search or one sweep around the "dial" finding coverage. Could it be your local coverage? Anyway... you asked! Happy Monday!

No local news here; I only see what's on the web. My search this morning was for an update on whether Teamsters had joined the UAW by following through on their statement to not deliver motor vehicles to dealerships. The only hits I got (using 2 different search engines) were four days old. Later in the day, other news on this topic produced fresher results.

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Lightning in The Land ⚡

Some serious electricity in Cleveland last night, haven't seen that much lightning in a long time.

Was my first time trying to capture it. Took A LOT of trial and error, but I was finally able to snap this shot.

A good lesson in patience and persistence because I was ready to pack it up on several occasions. But I was determined.

As the saying goes, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

#photography #foto #picoftheday #lightning #cleveland #skyline #longexposure

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Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Huge plasma arc wins - BBC News

A gigantic arc of plasma near the Andromeda Galaxy.
Highlighting both the magnitude of the size of the galaxy-I believe it's Andromeda-and the brevity of human life, consider that if one were to travel -at the speed of light - from one end to the other, it would take more than 150,000 years for the journey. In one person's entire lifetime, the distance covered would be less than a pixel of that picture (1/2000th)
The plasma arch would make for a hell of a light show in its proximity.

Cop City in Atlanta is just the beginning. Stop it now!

Participants in the movement to #StopCopCity have called for a mass action to shut down construction November 10-13. This follows the indictment of 61 people on trumped up RICO charges and the Atlanta city government's outrageous decision to reject a petition signed by over 100,000 locals demanding a referendum on whether to build Cop City.

This is the next stage of a historic struggle.

Those who hold power today intend to deal with ecological and economic crises by channeling more and more money towards police in order to repress the victims. The outcome of the movement in Atlanta will determine what the future looks like for all of us.

November 10-13 ATLANTA, GEORGIA
We march on the construction site
We save Weelaunee


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It's amazing how many educated people don't know about this.

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What does a world look like where we let #COVID19 rip through the population repeatedly on an annual basis? Where people allow themselves to be infected time and again with a disease that causes chronic damage to our bodies? We don't know, but this is precisely what it COULD look like 🧵 :

I did read this about his type of cancer:
Per the American Cancer Society, risk factors for MCC include Merkel cell polyomavirus infection, exposure to ultraviolent rays (with sunlight as the main source) and having light-colored skin and a weakened immune system.

And so virus, AND a virus that messes with our immune systems like COVID, definitely makes this covid-SUS

Thank you, Augie, for this series of toots. The cost of a campaign of stronger protective measures like masking and education to break down the willful and irresponsible denialism would cost so much less than running an economy with the brakes on to the tune of 10% disabled workers. I can't understand why people want to be disabled in this miserable way when masks, vaccines and other personal responses are available.

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The proletarianization of tech workers: If there is hope, it is in the proles

#Labor #Unions

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(I don't know how you use the well known photo of Black people in a queue, especially considering the last word of your article, but they don't line up because they are out of work.)
Really glad to hear this. I hadn't thought about why unions didn't show up in SF. Now I'm wondering if there's a list of SFF with unions or equivalent.

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@CptSuperlative I could point to Heinlein’s “The Roads Must Roll”, but I’m not sure it’s a *positive* example.

There’s an ungodly amount of libertarian SF of course.

The socialists I can think of are mainly fantasy writers. Which perhaps supports the thesis.

I suppose a good way to think of this is as a great opportunity for SF writers.


@CptSuperlative The first thing that comes to mind when I try to remember SFF stories I've read with unions isn't something I've read. "Wobblies From Space" by Leslie Fish is a song about a union organizer taking on Starfleet.
I'm sure there are unions in San Francisco. 😀

@CptSuperlative @nazgul

John ... there is such a list (link below).

My wife and I have been working on it for a few years.

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About effing time!

Spanish FA president Rubiales to resign over kiss

Luis Rubiales resigns as president of the Spanish Football Federation after widespread criticism for kissing forward Jenni Hermoso at the Women's World Cup. #press