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This has always been the GOP's strategy:

1) Cut taxes for the wealthy & corporations by claiming they'll pay for themselves.

2) Explode the deficit.

3) Demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

4) Repeat.

Don't let them get away with it.
And sadly this is some of the more benign shenanigans they’ve visited on us for the past several decades :(

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— they don’t know the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result
— it’s about the grift and the quid pro quo, where they skim the money or reap the donations from the 1% and corporations

Either way, it’s not good for the American people

like the classic "The only constant in all
your failed relationships is you."

So many thoughts. But, yes #introspection and #LifeHack are good tags for this!

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#GNOME 43.3 Released with Minor Fixes to GNOME Maps and GNOME Software, Other Changes

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource
GNOME 43.3 released

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BREAKING: What's the connection between Marxism and lewd photography? Our fashion editor went deep undercover, and her photos are simply stunning --. Click here to see her nudes.

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I really dig this song. It is about as close to liking country as I get. “Nothing Breaks Like the Heart” by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus #music #MileyCyrus #MarkRonson #CountryMusic #PopMusic
Screenshot of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” single cover by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.
I’m not a huge fan of country music either, but I really love this one — “Fast as You” by Dwight Yoakham

#CountryMusic #music
I will have to check it out. Thanks!
here’s another one. Excellent song and great movie:

The Weary Kind, Ryan Bingham (from Crazy Heart):
Those are nice too. In thumbnail mode on my phone the second one looked like Wil Wheaton but obviously doesn’t sound like him lol. Another country artist I like some of is Orville Peck.

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#MastodonNews Jan 28, 2023

Lots and lots of good things coming!

engadget: Like users, app developers are fleeing Twitter for Mastodon >>>

This week, Tapbots, the studio behind Tweebot, released #Ivory... Matteo Villa, the developer behind... Fenix, is testing... #Wooly. Junyu Kuang, the indie developer behind... Spring is working on... #Mona. Shihab Mehboob, developer of... Aviary, is close to launching... #Mammoth.


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We need more android apps. The numbers speak for themselves when you factor in world wide numbers. That other OS loves to focus on North America. But when you leave the confines of that continent, or Oceania, the market share leader is clear. I'm using Tusky which is good but a bit lacking in its feature set. IMHO. Fedilab is OK as well. But a little rough around the edges. I know....its early on in this migration. We'll get there.
I hope so because there are some changes needed. Hoping to dump the bird but cant without marketing abilities.

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Hi, I had to take it a step further.

Here we are with SMS/iMessage now working on a Macintosh 512.

This machine is from late 1984 and only has a 400k floppy drive and doesn’t have enough RAM to handle MacTCP. But here we are :D

Closeup of the screen of a Mac 512 showing some text messages
Wide shot of a Mac 512 showing off some SMS text messages

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dude file your taxes already.
@ghostsheetz HMRC just love to nag 💁

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When macOS spots a Windows computer on your network it uses a beige screen with a blue screen of death from what looks like an easy 90's VGA screen to represent it :)
Screenshot of the 'Get Info' preview of a Windows PC on macOS showing a beige monitor and the BSOD

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I know this is supposed to be funny, but it reads more like, "Oh, we noticed someone on your network can't afford a Lamborghini, so we thought we'd make fun of them for you. Isn't it funny when people are poor? Hahaha..... fuck them poor."

It was "jokes" like this that made me stop buying Apple products when iPhone and Android were still toddlers. There was a lot of snobbery from Apple, and it made people who couldn't afford iPhones buy iPhones.

Having been poor, it's not funny.
@babylontales the computer was an i7 Dell with Thunderbolt and USB-C which costs the same as a macbook it’s more a commentary on windows not being Unix than on rich v poor if you ask me, but then I don’t work for either co. so what do I know 🤷

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Jeff Bezos says he plans to give away the majority of his ~$117 billion net worth during his lifetime.

That’s nice, but can I let you in on a secret?

Billionaire philanthropy isn’t charity. It’s PR to distract you from low wages and a tax system that’s rigged for the rich.
yup. i always thought it was bullshit when bill gates said the same thing. he could do more good, much more, by disrupting the economics of tech than by what he's doing now.

what if he hadn't tried to wipe out netscape, and instead supported wide innovation by tons of small companies and individuals. weird thing is he would have made most of the money that way too.

it's a Mr Burns move.

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spent most of 2000s replacing windows "servers with better linux systems. file, mail, db, web. MS still trying to crowbar in browser crap. lately they seem out of ideas. removing features then trying to sell them back as pro or office, meh, f'em
And notice how they often “give it away” after all that grandstanding. It’s usually into “foundations” or other tax free/efficient vehicles that they totally control and can use parallel to their normal investment streams.

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Good to be somewhere that gets the value of maintaining access for third party apps.

Users who pay for the apps to get a better
/ more custom experience for an otherwise free service are what keep innovation going.

QT @jaredwhite: #retoot
Post by Jared White. "Mastodon founder and CEO Eugen Rochko tells Engadget: “Third party applications are incredibly valuable for a platform because that's where the power users go … it benefits everybody because the power users are the people who create the content that everybody reads.” THANK YOU 👏👏👏…" Posted on Jan 28, 2023 at 13:16

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To mark the anniversary of the first Lego patent (which happened today in 1958), let's look back at one of many experiments involving some assorted minifigs and focused sound-wave energy:

[📸: Brian Anderson]

Original tweet :

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

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#Lego: The Secret Experiments
A Lego man, minding his own business on the toilet, when suddenly, a Lego dong appears through a glory hole

Yessirree... way to influence your potential jury members.

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#Twitter has been filling feeds with a continuous stream of voices, creating the illusion that the room is full, when many people have already left.

"To overcome this distorting influence & make clear more people are leaving Twitter, a classic idea from social science can be used: threshold models of collective behavior"
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Twitter is taking Tesla with it. One can only hope survielance issues on Elon's satelite phone system will reduce the numbers of people willing to be watched by the South African Emerald mine owner while doing business. Twitter proves he has no respect for customers, or privacy, or contracts.

Chef's Kiss headlines.
Two headlines about twitter and tesla financial troubles

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Hello Friends,

Wanted to make a note that our current roadmap is on our website:

We are a small company of 3 people and only 1 of us replies on this account. Between all the emails and messages here, it's hard to always answer everyone, but we do our best. If your question doesn't get answered here, it's not because we don't care. It's just impossible to always be around to answer everyone. Feel free to send us an email if you don’t get a response here. Thank you! 🙂