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Republicans should be nervous if this is happening in places like Texas. Sure, Paxton’s extra corrupt and it’s been ignored by the Texas legislature for too long, but accountability is what matters. And those who enabled him won’t be forgotten.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton impeached, suspended from duties |

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A lot of media is tiptoeing around identifying the Paxton impeachment as a manifestation of the inevitable GOP schism we all saw coming years ago.

Lindsay Graham said it out loud in 2016 with "If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it."

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@stacey_campbell Great point. I’m not surprised to see it underplayed. It’s a bigger deal than many want to admit.
@stacey_campbell don't kid yourself. Trump could beat the Wiemar Democrats in 2024.
@stacey_campbell Biden is not popular. not capable. he could lose.
@stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall The Weimar thing is incredibly disturbing so please do that somewhere else. Gross.
@stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall trump is literally endorsed by fascists, retweets fascists, and has a supporter base of fascists. He is a fascist.
@jacobrogers256 @stacey_campbell certainly he is a fascist. sometimes fascists win. if Trump does win many people will die. but he could win.
@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell progressive cafe is a server filled with people that blindly shill for the Democratic Party and support them uncritically. It makes me annoyed.

@AliceMarshall @jacobrogers256 @stacey_campbell I’m sorry but “Weimar Democrats” is a sick claim and I’m not dealing with that. Sick. As a Jewish person, I’m already exhausted by people constantly claiming everything they don’t like is Nazis. It’s insulting.

It definitely doesn’t apply to Democrats. That’s sickening.

I have deleted four, one-thousand page treatises that summarize: "OMG"

@AliceMarshall :blobcatstop: no. bad.

@jacobrogers256 @stacey_campbell

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@mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Trump has a chance of winning, unless the Democratic Party gets their act together and catch rural votes.


I will agree in part. I'm going to push back a bit with the 'get their act together'.

They have their act together. Democrats have been doing PLENTY of awesome things. Democratic supporters need to carry a little more good-faith than they are currently doing.

Democratic leaders will rescue us from the brink of Republican fascism and we respond with "Yeah. That the job". I believe that in error.

The acts are there... but the stage isn't a solo-act.

@TonyStark @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

we should get our act together, and kick the DINOs out. We don't have our act together because if we did Biden wouldn't have negotiated with the GOP and would just follow the text of the 14th amendment.
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We Democratic supporters need to get our acts together and properly showcase the big wins and victories that the Democrats are having.

Then we need to stop jumping into their victory laps to exclaim how we're not that impressed. (not you, just general - one)

@TonyStark @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

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I personally think we should back the Dems and drive them to support reforms that Trump types would support (think social democratic Bernie-type reforms). Think of getting money out of politics, free healthcare and draining the swamp. Also we should criticize them when they fuck up otherwise you will piss people off and come off as an unrealistic simp. Clap and cheer when they do the right thing, critique when they fuck up.
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@jacobrogers256 @mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell yes, many people can't believe that there are many 'bread and butter' issues that all sorts of people can agree on. The challenge is getting people to stop believing the con men on the fascist side.

Sure, once they stop killing us I can welcome layered and nuanced conversation.

Until then - nope. Democrats have the majority, and even if they suck (they don't for the majority) they aren't trying to actively shoot me for trying to slide into your DM's.

@TonyStark @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

critique is fine, even in crisis. You are literally falling into the same mindset that MAGAts are falling into, a kind of antidemocratic mindset that is harmful and borderline authoritarian. You should always criticize your own party. You should of course vote blue but critique the Dems when they make a bad call.
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I appreciate your assessment. I'm not worried, I am not a "party line" person in general or in specific. I am painfully critical of everything, much to my own personal chagrin. :blobcatsip:

@TonyStark @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

@mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell if you accept the Democratic party without criticism, you are accepting Neoliberalism, austerity, and other things that fuel Trumpism.
@jacobrogers256 @mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell if you split your vote from the anti-fascist coalition of whom Biden is the head, then you are guaranteeing that the fascists will win. I probably despise the old Newt Republicans as much as you, but if they will vote against the MAGA, then I welcome that. If the MAGA win again, we won't be able to have a discussion like this.
@timo21 @mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell true. I'm not saying "don't vote" I'm saying "remember history and remember the Democratic Party is our only option and a lesser evil"
@jacobrogers256 @mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell well yes, we are in a sad state ideologically, but if we could get more voters, we could have an environment of multiple parties operating in good faith, but that's not reality.

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@timo21 @mentallyalex @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell I believe in the anti-fascist coalition, and I believe also that the Dems are imperfect. I'm not afraid of criticizing the Dems, and I also will say vote blue for the time being.

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@jacobrogers256 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell @mentallyalex Nobody is doing that and the more you claim it where nobody is doing it, the more people will block you. Lying isn’t flattering. Now I’d appreciate an untag and people to stop arguing nonsense under my posts.
@mentallyalex @jacobrogers256 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell but I am in fact unimpressed, because of all the social problems that remain unaddressed only in this country among all developed nations, and I do not think neoliberalism and compromise with the far right moves us any closer to solutions to any of them.
@stacey_campbell @falcon @AliceMarshall @jacobrogers256 @mentallyalex We didn’t compromise with the far right. And it’s better than a collapse. I have no idea why you’d want people without their Social Security or no Medicare until when? They’re too sick/ weak to live? The thing you think you want is worse than this. The solution is to not let Republicans in to start with. People let them take the House. Go talk to them.

@stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall @jacobrogers256 @mentallyalex I said none of that.

We are stuck in this doom loop where the right gets to enact their long term goals while the left is forced to constantly put out fires and try to keep the lights on. Changing that would be a laudable achievement but there has been little to no progress on it.

So we will be back with more corrupt officials and another debt ceiling crisis soon enough, because the system did not change.

@falcon You said “compromise with the far right”. Not me.

Not settling this would cause a disaster of epic proportions. Changing it with Republicans controlling the House and SCOTUS is impossible. It’s just fact. If this agreement goes through, the debt ceiling is raised until 2025. Voters can change it in 2024. That’s how it is. Sorry.

@falcon @stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall @JA @mentallyalex

Perhaps the Democrats should quit funding far right candidates?

@mentallyalex @jacobrogers256 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

Agree - it's important to note what Biden accomplished WITHOUT a clear senate majority - we had Manchin and Sinema not on board.

We lost the House and this debt ceiling issue is a consequence of that losing.

I believe a lot of Democratic leaders should have tripled-down on reproductive rights - we could have kept the House.

We know what we need to do - take the House, keep the WH, , the Senate, codify Roe v. Wade

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@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Biden is extremely capable and effective, based on observable evidence, with lots of experience, legislative wins and great concrete stats to cite, and has already beat Trump once in a head to head matchup for Presidency

since then Trump's gotten more legal troubles. Biden has way more charisma than DeSantis too

he aint perfect but hes the overall frontrunner for reasons

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@synlogic @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell he is capable, but he is unimaginative and too willing to negotiate with terrorists (ie the Republicans)

@jacobrogers256 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell we just had a literally crazy, traitorous, lazy, ignorant, cruel President before him

I dont want an "imaginative" one now. I want a sane, experienced, steady, predictable, patriotic, trustworthy, healthy, honest family man

and being an older white man has the *bonus* quality of making it harder for GOP to mock him or demonize him because on paper he's their core beneficiary demographic in terms of messaging & policies

win & win

I want a sane, competent president that wants to bring progress to our country so I don't die homeless on a dying planet without healthcare and without civil rights. Progress is the only way to stop fascism. Solutions keep the fascists away.
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@synlogic @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell lol that's not how it works. The GOP hates their political opponents just as much as everyone else.
@synlogic @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell why don't you embrace political progress? I don't want the same old shit. I want something better than the status quo. Our children's future depends on it.

@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Trump couldn’t even rally support for Ken Paxton in the Texas legislature. He lost the house in ‘18, lost the presidential election and senate in ‘20, and it took a bazillion tries to get his guy elected as House Speaker (and it was likely his fault that the GOP didn’t win more seats in ‘22).

He hasn’t won anything since the election in 2016.

@raddude12 @stacey_campbell for all our sakes I hope that you are correct. because if Trump did win many people will die. I just think it is possible that in spite of everything he could win.

@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell After 2016, anything is possible.

Comparing the Biden admin to Weimar Republic is hyperbolic rhetoric, though.

@stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall @raddude12 Not to mention pretty insulting to Jews. A lot of us are tired of people using that.

Why Holocaust Analogies Are Dangerous — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum-

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Also a Jew here, and I feel that given the current situation of rising fascism & targeted attacks on the trans community make such analogies not only justifiable, but important. Don’t forget - the Nazis targeted the LGBT community first. They are using the same tactics the Nazis did, & pretending that they aren’t won’t go well for any of us.

We say “we remember” for a reason.

@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell @cautionwip @raddude12 Please read up. The person I’m talking to is comparing some Democrats to the Weimar Republic. That’s fucked up no matter how you slice it.
“Careless Holocaust analogies may demonize, demean, and intimidate their targets. But there is a cost for all of us because they distract from the real issues challenging our society, because they shut down productive, thoughtful discourse. At a time when our country needs dialogue more than ever, it is especially dangerous to exploit the memory of the Holocaust as a rhetorical cudgel. We owe the survivors more than that. And we owe ourselves more than that.”
@raddude12 @stacey_campbell @AliceMarshall It’s right up there with white people comparing things to slavery. Don’t.
@raddude12 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Depending on what metric you look at, he didn't win that one either.

@raddude12 @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell

I still contend he did not win that one without fraudulent vote counts from 3 states.

@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Well, with an attitude like that who needs enemies? You better hope to hell that Biden wins. Any other vote is for the GOP nominee. That’s how the fool Donald J. Trump was elected in the first place. People were tired of establishment politicians and Trump was elected by voting apathy. Dividing people up amongst candidates who have no chance in hell of winning created a disastrous situation.
Please, do not encourage this behavior.

@AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Gotta disagree - Biden sold McCarthy a shit-sandwich and got him to eat it.

McCarthy got very little of what we was asking for and got out-maneuvered. Biden realized we don't have the house and took crashing the economy of the table. This deal also prevents Repubs from another bite at the apple in until after 2024.

Could Biden lose? Yes, I'm not taking anything for granted, but he's the only won he beat TFG and can do so again.

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@Badger_AF @AliceMarshall @stacey_campbell Here are the details of what we know about the debt deal

@einfeldt I found this to be a pretty cogent analysis of the debt ceiling negotiation...

the ag in Texas accused the speaker of the house of being drunk. That's why it happened.

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The heroin and fentanyl epidemic continues unabated... and now the United States consumes almost all the Aderrall (speed) in the world and no one is doing anything about it.

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Asian Americans — especially young, Asian American women— are the least likely to feel they completely belong and are accepted in the U.S., an annual survey of attitudes about Asian Americans has found.

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Remember, all all of them have guns. Which they are willing to use.

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Yet another person dies in custody while held by @hellenicpolice in the notorious Omonia police station, #Athens. 55 year-old German tourist jumped to his death last night according to official police report.

#Greece #antireport #antireportgr @antireportgr

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This is why we haven't been visited. We're probably on some sexual predator list!
am I projecting or is the guy into it and the woman just there?

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All you need to know to about today’s Turkish election:

“Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban congratulated Erdogan via Twitter for an ‘unquestionable election victory,’ and Qatar’s ruler, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani wished the Turkish president success in a tweet. Other congratulations poured in from Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Libya, Algeria, Serbia and Uzbekistan.”

#turkey #election #erdoğan #seçim

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Erdogan is good for the refugees and immigrants, or at least the clear and obvious lesser-evil

Try for once to see this from a different perspective. More important than ideology is the fact that there is a direct harm if anti-refugee nationalists win.

> Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Libya, Algeria, Serbia and Uzbekistan

Oh no! All the bad countries we were told not to like

@WahbAllat Let me try and see if from a different perspective. Hmm, maybe I’ll go back to Turkey and do that. Oh, I can’t because I’d be arrested for having spoken out against Erdoğan publicly.

How about you don’t try to Turksplain to me and fuck right off?

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YSK: Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which was recently approved for human trials, is under investigation by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare act. Reuters reported on this in December, and there haven’t been any updates since. The most damning allegations regard mistakes made, research subjects suffering, and loss of life due to Musk’s pressure on researchers to bring the product to market as quickly as possible. Human, animal - this blatant attitude that lives are disposable hurts us all. #vegan #vegetarian #twitter #neuralink #animalrights

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the Pinkuylluna mountain and Ollantaytambo town., Peru 🇵🇪 The view from the main archeological site – Inca ceremonial center, located on a hill called Cerro Bandolista. #Peru #Inca #archeology #nature #world #travelphotography #travel

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At first glance, if it holds, it does appear to capture how a mature, shrewd President who's been to the rodeo more than once mostly held his own against a screaming drooling mob fumbling around with open cans of gasoline and cigarette lighters.

Debt ceiling deal reached in principle by Biden and McCarthy to avoid default: