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bees knees

Among other good sounding recipes to try later in the week. Making a dinner kit recipe later this evening and so far, they are okay.
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Maya Deren’s talent and unfettered appetite for life cemented her place as a champion and influencer of culture.

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Good morning!🤧☀️🌄

There's an illness going round the apartment and I'm just okay. Sinuses are acting out of course but I'm going to work this morning, tomorrow is a day off anyway.
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Rain Fugue #PoemADay ☔⛈️🌤️

Prisms #PoemADay


If buy a jellycat piece of toast and the pan au raisin, I could say "I sleep with carbs!" #stuffedanimal

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#OtD 18 Mar 1970, feminist groups staged a sit-in at the Ladies Home Journal headquarters in NYC over the journal's lack of female representation in the company and the depiction of women in its advertisements and columns
Pictures like this remind all of us: old people should not get a free pass on sexist attitudes because THIS IS WHAT WAS GOING ON WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG

And there were only 3 TV stations then, media wasn’t fractured the way it is now, so you can bet they heard about it. You couldn’t avoid hearing about 2nd Wave Feminism in the 1960s-70s.

No one over 60 gets a pass. No one.
This is the most interesting thing about the era in which I was born, the degree to which situationism was both an aesthetic approach and a political approach, and an effective one in some cases. How did that cross over? What killed situationism as a philosophy and approach?

Day off, great nap!

Almost ready for a park walk with Lucy, it should be nice day for barking at pretty much anything.

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The Dude Abides


Here's another poem


Rest in peace Jim Gordon!

I found this on NewsBreak: Jim Gordon, Drummer for Eric Clapton and George Harrison Who Was Convicted of Murder, Dead at 77
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Republicans Prolife Party

Work as a child and retire at 70 to collect your OWN money. Which they called an entitlement program..sshh..slush fund is silent

(But you'll most likely be dead before 70 from working in the "coal mines") so no sweat



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It's Spring 🌼🌱 forward ⏩

Again! In years past I would have a hard time adjusting to the time change. But that's when I was stocking shelves late at night until early morning. 🤷🏼 I like fall back better, extra sleeping time.
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Waiting at the dealership

Thinking about installing Pocket Camp on my Pixel, had on my old iPhone and really had fun.

#AnimalCrossing #pocketcamp


I love my new profile picture, Lucy is so cute peeking at herself carefully! I should use the screen camera more, dogs are so funny when they see themselves. I used to watch baby animals dog/cats with mirrors on Youtube. It's just a really great time!

Good Wednesday Afternoon!

Survivor of an orange malfunction and celebrator of International Women's Day, I wore my purple shirt yesterday to work.

Scheduled my booster and my future, as all the way in July, annual physical. Where! COVID booster to be jabbed this Saturday before my car goes in for it's 24k mile service on the same day.
#adulting #vaccines #subaru #appointment

Excited 😊 about my day off


Pro tip: when you eat an orange at work, try not to clear your nose while chewing by inhaling. You will send orange down the wrong pipe. Especially if you're responding to your bosses question while he walks by.