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Version 2.0 of the Fediverse Archive Browser has now been posted at the below link. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows desktops. This version adds support for the archive downloadable from your Mastodon site. It can also read Diaspora site archives and Friendica archives generated by the Friendica Archive Generator. Along with browsing your old content you can perform free text searching, date span searching, look at your posting metrics, and more. Released under an Mozilla Public License and written in Flutter. #fediverse #mastodon #friendica #diaspora #TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration #FediverseMigration #MPL #OpenSource #flutter
wait WHAAAT?
you tell me i can finally find stuff i posted locally in my downloaded archive without commandline wizardry?
This is incredible, I had no idea there was a tool like this, thank you!!!
Yeah I needed it for when I (mostly) left Facebook. Also even when on any of these systems free text searching your old posts just sucks. This really helps me find content from way in the past that is in the archive. The Friendica archiver lets one keep a running archive of their Friendica account so it can be used for more "up to date" searching without extracting a whole new archive periodically. I haven't written anything that does that for any other social network though.
I wonder if there's any useful facebook data poisoning tools that still works
before deleting my fb account i want to randomize the post contents etc etc, idk if that's gonna be useful at all but it's an interesting experiment i suppose
Oh yeah that's not possible with the Facebook API anymore.
ah ohwell... no matter, as long as I don't interact with it too much.. Sad that here in my country you cant really disconnect with FB unless you want to be ostracized or be unable to access most services...

I'm not at that point yet where I would like to burn that bridge but I'm close.
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