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Texas isn't far behind. Places in south Texas and Galveston have similar boundary changes for the same reason
Yep. Can't vote them out of you can't vote OR you are outnumbered by their buddies
Thank you for posting this, and best continued healing wishes to your mother.
Maria, thanks for taking time to give it a read. And especially the well wishes for my mom. ❤️
I'm so sorry about your mother's accident, and so glad she has good and kind people making the experience less of a nightmare. All the best to her. And to you. Please take care of yourself, as well, in this stressful time.
Thank you for your support. I hope to take to@prow as a day to do as little as possible.
TWW: Conflict only exists within you and is not an outcome of a relationship. When faced with a need to protect yourself and others, to overcome or overwhelm adversity, you must have no conflict. Use your practiced skills to center yourself, clear your mind of thought and apply the gifts you've been given. *Regards to all. I think the same and it feels dangerous. You will need to find unlikely local allies. Peace. OWOP
Conflict comes from resisting force. You don’t have to resist, but if you don’t, you automatically lose.
TWW: Conflict is not inevitable, competition is not required, though both are within the soul of every person. Like the steep slopes of a hill you must climb, they exist to strengthen your will to control the needs and desires that you feel. *Hi, here’s another passage that speaks to conflict. I’ve had to find the desires and envy that drive conflicts on work crews and it can get personal. OWOP

Conflict is inevitable if you don’t want to be destroyed.

For example, when Russia invaded Ukraine, conflict was technically avoidable. Ukraine could have just rolled over and let the tanks crush them. Russia would have murdered the leaders, murdered anyone who resisted, and murdered a few random people just for fun, because they got tired of raping them.

Like I said, technically avoidable. And yes, inexplicably, Ukraine chose conflict. It chose to defend itself from genocidal incursion. Who can imagine why?!

TWW: This world exists within a mortal realm and the moment holds no life more dear than another. There may come at any time the need to sacrifice your life or take that of some other. Know though that when a life ends so does it's song and with each song lost or created the song and meaning of this world changes. *Without conflict in your heart there will be no conflict in your actions. OWOP
Bluntly, I cannot distinguish your comment from nonsense.

TWW: Seeing the wind

There are forces that shape this world and your place in the moment that you cannot perceive. You can see the influence, feel the pressure, smell the change, hear the sound but cannot see the wind for you are as yet blind.
*You may be stuck for now. When I need confront aggression to be safe or protect others I need to be calm and without conflict to use my skills. OWOP

Ok, you’re just spouting nonsense. Time to block.
I swear they will bring back Jim crow with a new name
Let’s hope it’s a smashing failure.

@gavinisdie :troll: wrote: I swear they will bring back Jim crow with a new name

@Florida Ted wrote: James Corvid - a new name for Jim Crow ? ( )

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James Corvid - a new name for Jim Crow ? My sad attempt at #humor

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Thank you for the personal and moving editorial. Best wishes for your Mom's speedy recovery. I think the odds are in her favor. 💗

Loved the photo. Makes it totally clear that FL looks exactly like a very friendly, snub-nosed pistol, or that other sexual thing.

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Thank you, Ray. I’ll be sure to pass the well wishes on to her. I didn’t even address her indomitable spirit. Just when you think you know someone well, a crisis comes and they show you without hesitation the depth of their character. She’s amazing.

And here I though the main image was was a happy image juxtaposed against the current horrors. 😝

they're just totally proud of their hateful bigotry too. this was a distressing and disgusting reponse to the NAACP from rick scott, a real POS.

I didn’t read any further than the title of The Hill’s article. It’s enough knowing they’ll say and do whatever to retain power. If they’ll let kids get murdered in schools what *won’t* they do. 🙄
I'm somewhat confused: your article briefly mentioned some neo-nazis, gestures towards the broader institutional threats to various groups, then recounts how caring and effective your mother's treatment is. that doesn't sound worse than what I thought about Florida. the former is well known, while the latter just demonstrates that there are good folks in the state too.
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There were several things at the top of my mind: the NAACP travel ban, the Nazis out in public, and dropping all that to care for my mother. The piece is a juxtaposition of those who care nothing for others against those whose duty is to care for the well being of others. Both were a bit surprising, the bad and the good. But it sounds like you got the gist of the piece. Thanks for giving the piece your time and commenting.


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