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I plugged myself into the Matrix! Seriously though this level of integration with Apple Watch, Apple Health, and the Apple Fitness system is what I was expecting when I heard Peloton did this. Maybe the app kind of does but not really. All the live heart rate data is coming from the watch. All of the workout metrics are going into the fitness app on the watch. It’s now all in Apple Health. All of this was over Bluetooth too. Oh yeah so that means I was successful in getting my perfect grade on workouts on my first day of this trip. #fitness #apple #AppleWatch #geekhumor
Matrix elliptical machine in the middle of a workout showing the live biometric data graphs on the bottom and a scenary view for the majority of the screen.

reshared this

Over Bluetooth with the fitness kit stuff I felt okay with it. The system looking like it was rebooting at the end of each workout was a good secondary sign too.
But to your point I don’t generally connect my devices to random Bluetooth connections :). Besides Apple Pay and theme park touch points this is the first device I don’t own that I’ve let that connection happen with.
But did you take the red pill or the blue one?