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I didn't realize it was possible to write AvaloniaUI code in VB.NET with some modifications. It's been years since I've coded in VB.NET but interesting tips on converting the Avalonia templates to VB.NET format. Is it possible to develop in VB.NET on platforms other than Windows even? I know that deployment of apps work regardless but just curious. #VisualStudio #AvaloniaUI #VisualBasic #dotnet #linux

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Is that Rider or IntelliJ with some other non-standard plugins?
It's plain-old #jetbrainsrider . I'm even targeting #dotnet 8. What a time to be alive!
VB.NET targeting .NET 8 SDK with JetBrains Rider
...and what platform is Unix 13.2?!?!
it's just the environment name for macOS.
I mean it is a certified Unix system after all...With the 13 I thought perhaps you were running the latest FreeBSD :)