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I know I’m in the minority that likes the song and intro to Enterprise. I still found this funny seeing it again in a chat just now :) #scifi #StarTrek #GeekHumor #humor
six cells of screenshots from the Robin Hood TNG episode with Ward and Geordi dressed up like merry men. Geordi is strumming a mandolin getting starting lyrics “It’s been a long road…” and then Ward is grabbing instrument and smashing it.
I like it too. So you are not alone!
OMG I absolutely LOVED that intro. Joining the minority...
"Okay, four fans of the Enterprise theme song, thanks for sticking with us through three seasons. Now, how about a BANJO version?"

This #startrek Geordi/Whorff scene riffed off of a scene with Diane Keaton in Woody Allen's Sleeper, some 15 years earlier.

"Rebels Are We!"

I thought it was the Belushi scene from Animal House but that came later than Sleeper too so maybe that was satirizing it as well. I’ve never watched a Woody Allen film and won’t until he is dead and can’t get royalties for it. Same with Polanski films, although I did accidentally watch Rosemary’s Baby because I didn’t realize it was one of his films.