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Now a couple weeks into using Windows on a daily basis again I have to say the most acceptable parts of the experience to me are WSL, Git Bash Shell, and VS Code: i.e. the least Windows part of Windows. It's not just a familiarization aspect. Performance lag is a big part too. Based on @dominucco experiment with Power Shell on Linux a couple years ago I thought I would get into PowerShell. Maybe after some more time I would but as of now it is a big thumbs down for me. The biggest disappointment for me is Visual Studio. Twenty years ago, the last time I used it as my primary IDE for C/C++ it was the best IDE by a mile. I have now found CLion to be more effective for working with CMake projects. I'm sure for doing Windows development VS is the best option. I'm glad I'm in a position not to have to do Windows development as my primary target platform. In the mean time I can't wait to exist mostly in my little Linux world again :) #windows #clion #VisualStudio #wsl #PowerShell #linux
Can't speak for C/C++, but from a dotnet standpoint, I find Rider on any platform a nicer and better performing experience than Visual Studio. The Jetbrains folks do a great job on their IDEs.
During my most recent stint doing .NET development with Avalonia it was definitely my go-to platform since I primarily develop on Linux. Even when on Mac or Windows I'd use Rider over VS when I could. The only benefit VS gave me was a visual editor for Avalonia like its WPF editor. If I ever did go back to doing .NET development it would definitely be my go-to IDE. #JetBrains #JetBrainsRider #dotnet #avaloniaui
haha that makes sense to me! I've actually been doing a ton of C++ for the last month or so, but in Xcode. I have to say, it's come a long way!