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I have an #artist friend who gets utterly paralyzed by trying to write #alt-text thanks to OCD anxiety and ADHD. It delays her post and making actual #art and always goes overboard for fear of being wrong. Do you know of any youtube videos/templates someone like that can use to not kill themselves and their creativity with worry as well as not overloading the reader with too much info? I feel like alt-text is an art form all to itself that is just recently become a needed skill even though its always been needed.
The way I do it is to try and imagine that I'm describing a picture over the phone that is relevant to our conversation. So I wouldn't give them a full description of the image, rather a very broad description and the specific details that make it relevant
I don’t have a tool that could help, but when I type ALT text, I try to capture the gist of the photo (the vibe or reason I took it in the first place). If perspective, background or foreground are important, I add them. Example below.
Starbucks grande iced latte and keychain sitting on a blank table top. Keychain includes one of my branded merchandise items. In the foreground is a penny for scale. In the background are additional tables and chairs on the Starbucks patio.
This issue is she writes poetry comics and its a TON of detail with multiple panels.
this is my favourite tutorial on alt text in general:

Duck Duck Go gave me a good search result for "comics with good alt text":

Someone has said you can learn a lot from how scripts are written. Edit: I think they meant comic scripts, not just screenwriting. Examples here:

Also, would this post from a blind user help your friend feel better?
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alternatively, there is also the option of asking someone else to write alt text by tagging # alt4me and @ But it sounds like your friend is committed to doing it herself.
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@Yingtai Actually I think I've gotten her to consider that. She might try it.
I’m totally blind live on my own, I’m not very fussy at all. Have you got your friend to cc me into them I will be very positive and complimentary because I’m not fussy whatsoever!!!@anubis2814