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I know I’m in the minority that likes the song and intro to Enterprise. I still found this funny seeing it again in a chat just now :) #scifi #StarTrek #GeekHumor #humor
six cells of screenshots from the Robin Hood TNG episode with Ward and Geordi dressed up like merry men. Geordi is strumming a mandolin getting starting lyrics “It’s been a long road…” and then Ward is grabbing instrument and smashing it.

I plugged myself into the Matrix! Seriously though this level of integration with Apple Watch, Apple Health, and the Apple Fitness system is what I was expecting when I heard Peloton did this. Maybe the app kind of does but not really. All the live heart rate data is coming from the watch. All of the workout metrics are going into the fitness app on the watch. It’s now all in Apple Health. All of this was over Bluetooth too. Oh yeah so that means I was successful in getting my perfect grade on workouts on my first day of this trip. #fitness #apple #AppleWatch #geekhumor
Matrix elliptical machine in the middle of a workout showing the live biometric data graphs on the bottom and a scenary view for the majority of the screen.

Continuing with my joy levels about the Dart 3 switch statement, yes it is as powerful as Kotlin's ever was. For example one can now do something like this (admittedly contrived but you get the point) #dartlang #dart3 #flutter
  for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    final label = switch (i) {
      0 => 'zero',
      (int x) when importantNums.contains(x) => '$i is important',
      (int x) when x % 2 == 0 => '$i is even',
      _ => '$i',


When Dart overtook Kotlin as my favorite language I still missed certain features of Kotlin. One was the incredibly powerful switch statement, called "when", that Kotlin had and being able to use that for assignment. Now that Dart 3 is out I now have the equivalent of that again :). It may be missing a couple of edge case features like "in" comparisons but I have to experiment more to determine that. Hats off Dart and Flutter Team. (Screenshot from the "What's New in Dart and Flutter" presentation from #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2023 #flutter #dart #kotlin
Screenshot showing the switch statement being used on a time difference object as the equivalent of an if-then-else style structure.

If you assumed the MSM, the supposed "liberal media", was going to continue normalizing Trump thus improving his chances of winning back the presidency in'd be 100% right. As they have been doing for way too long now, our media is totally failing us. The MSM's runner up candidate Ron DeSantis whom they've also done a great job normalizing is a hair's width better but JFC enough of this already. It will be on those paying attention to get those that aren't or entranced by the bullshit to get out and vote against this monstrosity in 2024 or what we will will make Trump's first term look damn right dignified and utopian. #msm #trump #uspoli #DeSantis
Actual quotes from the mainstream media about Trump’s campaign:

CNN: “Trump and his team are attempting to adopt a more traditional campaign”

AP: “More disciplined campaign”

NY Times: “Trump has embraced a more humbling and traditional style on the campaign trail”

Below it Tweet text of a video from QAnon conference that reads: After he canceled his Iowa rally, Trump calls in to the ‘Reawaken America’ QAnon rally tonight and tells Michael Flynn that he will be bringing him back in his next Administration.

Yep. @MeidasTouch :verified: retweeted a Ron Filipowski tweet about Trump calling into a QAnon rally with actual quotes from CNN, AP, and NYT on how Trump was running a more normal campaign. Just a complete and utter failure of our media...again... :(. #uspoli #MSM #trump #twitter #ElonMusk

NB: Screenshot from Nitter portal into the Twitter feed so as not to give Musk any clicks or ad impressions.

Actual quotes from the mainstream media about Trump’s campaign:

CNN: “Trump and his team are attempting to adopt a more traditional campaign”

AP: “More disciplined campaign”

NY Times: “Trump has embraced a more humbling and traditional style on the campaign trail”

Below it Tweet text of a video from QAnon conference that reads: After he canceled his Iowa rally, Trump calls in to the ‘Reawaken America’ QAnon rally tonight and tells Michael Flynn that he will be bringing him back in his next Administration.

I'm doing my meal planning for tomorrow's lunch and was trying to decide between plant-based protein or eggs. I'm really focusing on getting enough protein as I ramp up but also keep calories in line so would I be hamstringing myself by choosing lentils or chickpeas over the eggs? Nope! All three have reasonable serving sizes (5 oz for chickpeas and lentils, or 2 eggs) and calories for the same 13 grams of protein. Chickpeas at 232 calories vs. the eggs' 155 is not nothing but not huge. Lentils at 164 calories is a wash to me. Lentils truly are a magical (and tasty) food :). #PlantBased #food #vegan #vegetarian #health #fitness #longevity #30DayHealthReboot
Chart of the relative nutritional values mentioned above:

First (mostly) working cut of the filter UI for #relatica so too stoked not to share it. This shows several things. First, multiple filters. Second, can choose to hide it behind a warning card or make it disappear entirely (the red bar which will be an empty widget when run in release mode). Third, you can see that posts by certain people are filtered (by content in the post) but others from that same person are not. Fourth, filtering on domains and even wildcards (the * Lastly, posts hidden behind a warning card can toggle it back hidden with the additional "hide" button on the upper-right of the card. Still have some rough edges but the whole system before I can push out the next version but client-side filtering is now wired up and ready to go. #relatica #friendica
Screenshot of the Relatica timeline showing the permutations of filtering capabilities mentioned above.

I'm pretty sure I saw this before but it had been long enough I am not 100% sure. Anyway enjoy...

#StarWars #humor #geekhumor

Two photos stacked vertically. Top photo has bagels shaped like yoda with the caption 'yoda bagels'. Bottom photo is of a burnt bagel with the caption 'Anakin bagels'.

So...after the better part of a year of slacking on the fitness/diet/longevity things I decided to do a 30 Day Health Reboot. I have all the tools to make a go of it, so let's just get it started. I at least waited until I was a week in to announce the thing :). Far more details in the blog post. TL;DR though is nothing extreme just doing what one is supposed to be doing on a daily basis. #fitness #diet #exercise #longevity #meditation
Graph of my composite daily grade for the 5 goals I track, measured on a standard 4.0 school grade scale.

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for “Afghani Shakshuka” or “Pashtun Omlette” since I first saw this YouTube video (link here) and it did not disappoint! I’ve cooked with coriander seeds before so that was my biggest concern on flavor profiles but I ended up enjoying it. It’s a bit starchier than my usual shakshuka recipes since it has potatoes and also a lot spicier with the chilis but I enjoyed both of those dimensions :) #food #recipe #egg #shakshuka #afghan #pashtun

Photo of a two egg serving of Afghani Shakshuka in a dark blue wide bowl.

Perhaps...I'm actually not sure how "labels" manifest in Fastmail. I set it up a couple years ago and besides adding new rules as newer email addresses come through (which is a two-click process) I've never done any configuration of it. I have a screenshot in my write-up of migrating from to Fastmail which shows what my Fastmail setup looks like, attached to this comment now too. It may shed light on where labels may be (or not).
Screenshot of Fastmail website showing layout with folders selector in the far left smallest column, emails with limited preview text in the middle column, and the full email content taking up about half the screen in the far left column.

PS this is what I mean about the MSM and tech press jumping on the Bluesky hype bubble. It's complete with really shitty clickbait headlines like "Bluesky's best shot at success is to embrace shitposting" or "'BlueSky' wants to market itself as a 'Musk-free' space, says CEO". I can almost see the alien bat baby on the cover of Weekly World News supermarket tabloids when reading these search results LOL. Honestly this feels like an episode of the HBO show Silicon Valley almost at this point. #bluesky #msm #technews
Screenshot of DuckDuckGo search results for Bluesky, Page 1
Screenshot of DuckDuckGo search results for Bluesky, Page 2

Man I've seen some phishing scams before but this is multi-dimensional effort. The first biggest one is the fact this isn't coming from Wells Fargo. I don't have any accounts with Wells Fargo so whatever. Next, it is spoofing it coming from the Donald Trump campaign domain. The main domain is the real site but the "win" sub-domain doesn't seem to be real. Why would they bother spoofing that particular domain and with a fake sub-domain to boot? Don't know. Anyway...reported to my email provider, Fastmail. #CyberSecurity #email #phishing
Screenshot of a phishing email supposedly from Wells Fargo showing the text of the email and the header information showing it supposedly coming from the Trump official campaign domain.

How do I start my day procrastinating? By following that BBS link from @8-Bit Boyz to a BBS hosted on a legit Apple IIe: The Brewery BBS. I feel like I should try to go Inception level retro by going there on one of those emulated 68k Macs in an VM :). #RetroComputing #Apple2 #8bit #BBS
Screenshot of The Brewery BBS's main menu screen
Screenshot of The Brewery BBS's server info screen

I've never felt more correct in encouraging people that want to do blogging for pay to use Ghost not Substack. It's not only that they propped up the typical heterodox/concern trolling writers after their first huge funding round. It's not just that this is yet another a16z funded operation. It's not just that they allow the likes of anti-vax health scam grifters like Mercola generate millions through their site. It is shit like this. The people running the show are just like the rest of these Silicon Valley faux-libertarian techbro shit heads. The overhead fees from Ghost are lower at all tiers, it has a self-hosting option, and from reviews I've read their editor is light years ahead. The thirstier for money and users Substack gets the ever greater and ever more bare their shit behavior gets. #Substack #Ghost #fediverse #BillionairesShouldNotExist #SiliconValley #a16z
Wow. I mean, I just want to be clear, if somebody shows up on Substack and says “all brown people are animals and they shouldn’t be allowed in America,” you’re going to censor that. That’s just flatly against your terms of service.

So, we do have a terms of service that have narrowly prescribed things that are not allowed.

That one I’m pretty sure is just flatly against your terms of service. You would not allow that one. That’s why I picked it.

So there are extreme cases, and I’m not going to get into the–

“We should not allow as many brown people in the country.” Do you allow that on Substack?

Wait. Hold on. In America in 2023, that is not so extreme, right? “We should not allow as many brown people in the country.” Not so extreme. Do you allow that on Substack? Would you allow that on Substack Notes?

I think the way that we think about this is we want to put the writers and the readers in charge– Verge (V): You have to figure out, “Should we allow overt racism on Substack Notes?” You have to figure that out.

Chris Best (CEO): No, I’m not going to engage in speculation or specific “would you allow this or that” content.

V: You know this is a very bad response to this question, right? You’re aware that you’ve blundered into this. You should just say no. And I’m wondering what’s keeping you from just saying no.

CEO: I have a blanket [policy that] I don’t think it’s useful to get into “would you allow this or that thing on Substack.”
Verge (V): No, I really want you to answer that question. Is that allowed on Substack Notes? “We should not allow brown people in the country.”

Chris Best (CEO): I’m not going to get into gotcha content moderation.

V: This is not a gotcha... I’m a brown person. Do you think people on Substack should say I should get kicked out of the country?

CEO: I’m not going to engage in content moderation, “Would you or won’t you this or that?”

V: That one is black and white, and I just want to be clear: I’ve talked to a lot of social network CEOs, and they would have no hesitation telling me that that was against their moderation rules.

CEO: Yeah. We’re not going to get into specific “would you or won’t you” content moderation questions. Verge (V): So if Substack Notes becomes overrun by racism and transphobia, that’s fine with you?

Chris Best (CEO): We’re going to have to work very hard to make Substack Notes be a great place to have the readers and the writers be in charge, where you can have the kinds of conversations that you find valuable. That’s the exciting challenge that we have ahead of us.

…for posterity a view of Relatica in low-bandwidth mode. Once you view an image it is cached and loaded from that the next time however it is just a memory cache. #relatica #friendica #fediverse
A screenshot of Relatica in low bandwidth mode with the images having place holder tags, image attachments showing the description, etc.

So that whole "taking the W out of the Twitter Sign" really was him just being the typical manchild after all. What a fucking putz. If you still worship this guy as a real life Tony Stark so are you. #ElonMusk #Twitter #BillionairesShouldNotExist
Screenshot of a two tweets from Elon Musk with a picture of the Twitter sign's W whited out. Tweets read:

Our landlord at SF HQ says we’re legally required to keep sign as Twitter & cannot remove “w”, so we painted it background color. Problem solved!

They tried to muffle our titter 🤭

Yeah this latest faux outrage by the right is totally worth laughing at. #lgbt #LoveIsLove #humor
Woman with high intensity psychic energy emanating from her chest surrounded by a rainbow caption 'when you are straight and accidentally drink a Bud Light'

The latest beta of Relatica mobile/desktop client for Friendica is now released: 0.4.0. The two biggest features are that it supports animated GIF attachments and now all platforms have video support thanks to a new Flutter library called "media_kit". That is along with a host of smaller changes mentioned in the CHANGELOG file. Right now due to some hiccups with XCode 14.3 the Mac version has to be directly downloaded and won't be through TestFlight. Otherwise for everyone else the installation and update process is status quo. More details, install instructions, etc. are at the below link #relatica #friendica #fediverse
Relatica v0.4.0 running on Linux playing a video of Popeye.

I honestly can't tell if this is an April Fool's joke or not. We had anecdotal evidence they were tweaking the algorithm based on if Musk felt enough people liked him...err were interacting with his posts. He has his own fields in the metrics calculations though? Wow. That is even more narcissistic than I took him for, which is saying a lot. #BillionairesShouldNotExist #ElonMusk #twitter
Screenshot of some of Twitter's 'algorithim' source code showing tracking of musk's metrics individually.

While Republicans lick their chops to cut Social Security, Medicare, middle class support programs, middle class tax cuts, basically anything but defense, remember that most of this debt issue is created by tax cuts that overwhelmingly went into the mega-rich pockets to service their religion of trickle down economics. Also remember that their plan is more tax cuts like this while also whining about the need for fiscal responsibility. Can the media and the masses finally stop buying the bullshit that anything they are proposing is responsible much less the notion that they alone are the part of fiscal responsibility. All evidence is the exact opposite of that. #uspoli
Chart showing debt held by the US government as a percentage of GDP from 2005 through 2023. The amount for "other debt hovers between 30 and 50%. Great recession and COVID-19 one-offs are were up to 6% before COVID and up to 29% through 2023. Bush tax cuts grow to 32% by 2023. Trump tax cuts have already grown to 6% by 2023.

Two alternatives to excessive nesting I can think of are either horizontal scrolling as well as vertical scrolling or once nesting gets below a certain amount having to "page into" the comments on another screen. Otherwise what happens is that after the 4th or 5th level the comment box is too narrow to be useful. Most apps just truncate after a certain depth, as does Relatica. I just try to minimize the depth where it makes sense. Frio does seem to thread the needle better than most. Maybe I should try to use their same algorithm. It can still lead to confusing nesting though. Such as here (although with only two users it is obscuring some of how it tries to reduce depth before it just caps it). #relatica #friendica #frio
Screenshot of fictitious deep thread in Frio theme on Friendica

My attempt to be "smart" with nested comments rendering in Relatica seemed to work well...until it didn't. In my defense this is far more complicated a threading than what even my test cases tried to repelicate. I'm probably going to siphon off the hierarchy so I can play with it until it renders even this correctly. #relatica #friendica
Screenshot of Relatica threading being messed up but with all the text obscured so it is unreadable.

Not to be repetitive but...the "multi-account" feature I swore I wouldn't implement until way way later has come in handy yet again to help me test fixing a bug in the Direct Messaging endpoints when using OAuth. So I could swap between OAuth and Username/Password logins for the same account, activate/deactivate them, switch between users DMing "themselves" etc. It was totally worth the week or so it took to get it all wired in. The "Manage Profiles" page could still use some UX and UI styling help though... #relatica #programming #friendica #debugging

The latest beta of Relatica mobile/desktop client for Friendica is now released: 0.3.0. Again some big changes in store:
  • Support for editing posts and comments
  • Support for making private posts (to all followers or to one existing group/list of accounts)
  • Ability to add explicit Link Preview to a post or comment
  • Server-side search of hashtags, statuses, and accounts
  • Direct loading of URLs to fediverse statuses or accounts "in app" so that you can interact with them (follow accounts, like posts, etc.)
  • Uses actual follow requests on servers that run Friendica 2023.03 (soon to be released)
  • UI tweaks for appearance and usability on posts, comments, and image galleries
More details, install instructions, etc. are at the below link. #relatica #friendica #fediverse

Seriously! Enough admiring assholery or finding it funny, especially on the internet!

"Btw, it’s not that you shouldn’t be mean to disabled people because they are disabled.

You shouldn’t be mean to them because they are people."

#GoldenRule #DontBeAJerk
Tweet by Haraldur Thorleifsson (Halli) that reads:
Btw, it’s not that you shouldn’t be mean to disabled people because they are disabled.

You shouldn’t be mean to them because they are people.

Content warning: Testing experience

The latest beta of Relatica mobile/desktop client for Friendica is now released: 0.2.0. The biggest and most important changes are around app accounts management. Relatica now supports logging in with OAuth as well as username/email and password. It supports having multiple accounts being logged in at once and quickly switching between those accounts. Accounts can be on the same server or different servers. UI-wise big changes are that the app is now using the Material 3 system and uses a drawer rather than menu screen. More details, install instructions, etc. are at the below link #relatica #friendica #fediverse
Screenshot of the Relatica v0.2.0 home screen showing the "Fediverse" group/list timeline.
Screenshot of the Relatica v0.2.0 drawer menu showing having multiple accounts logged in and the menu options formerly on the menu screen.

What is this fresh scam called "digital real estate"? Is this the zombie of NFTs? Anyway "you too can make $80 million like I did by doing nothing but investing in 'digital real estate'!" Also take this supplement and magically lose 20 pounds in two weeks, reverse aging by decades, and if you aren't satisfied we will send you a free pony. This is what passes for Google Ads nowadays, which is really pathetic. I think supermarket tabloids have higher standards than this shit. #scam #OnlineScam #google #GoogleAds #YouTube
Screenshot of a Google YouTube ad for a "Digital Real Estate" investment scam.

Well at the headline level I agree with Trump on something lol. I’m sure the way he thinks he is destroying America is the polar opposite though lol. #uspoli #trump #FoxNews
Trump: Murdoch Is "Abetting
America's Destruction"

Posted this morning to Trump’s Truth Social account: If Rupert Murdoch honestly believes that the Presidential Election of 2020, despite MASSIVE amounts of proof to the contrary, was not Rigged & Stollen, then he & his group of MAGA Hating Globalist RINOS should get out of the News Business as soon as possible, because they are aiding & abetting the

It's still very crude but for the first time, Relatica has multiple accounts logged in at once and supports both kinds of logins (OAuth and Username/Password). Both those login types work against the latest stable and development versions of Friendica too and on all the desktops including Linux!. #relatica #flutter #friendica
Screenshot of the Relatica app with multiple logins at the same time for selection.

The thing to remember about working for sociopathic narcissists, people who fancy themselves messianic figures, etc. (essentially the Silicon Valley Tech Bro archetype that we've been lionizing ever since Steve Jobs) is that no matter how much you kill yourself, debase yourself, compromise your values for their grand vision, you are ultimately expendable and will be tomorrow's garbage as fast or faster. They will have extracted their "value" and left you to fend for yourself with your reputation tarnished. That whole Machiavellian maneuver not only isn't frowned upon, it is held up as the most responsible behavior on the part of these people and their worshipers.

Zoe's Tweet reads: "Wow the layoffs last night included a ton of surprises. Hardcore Musk loyalists (more on that soon…) and the founder of the newsletter platform Revue that Twitter acquired in 2021."
#ElonMusk #TwitterMigration #MuskIsADick #BillionairesShouldNotExist

This tickled me enough I had to share it as a first class post (h/t @MostlyHarmless ) #humor
Two panel picture meme with the top panel a bunch of well dressed men in a board room captioned “The British as seen by Americans” and the bottom panel a street scene with a very drunk guy on the ground still reaching for his beer and another being tackled by police reading “The British as seen by Europeans”

Blocking Wonkiness in Latest Versions

!Friendica Developers
I'm playing around with blocking in order to fix some behaviors in the Mastodon status with context endpoint. I do that first by seeing how the UI is doing things, all through the UI. The latest develop build is doing some things I didn't expect. Specifically, a blocked user on the same server seems to be able to see the content of the blocking user even if it was created after the user was blocked. The blocking user seems to still be able to see content from the blocked user too but it is just hidden behind a CW thing. Are these expected behaviors and I had a mis-impression of how these were working or has something gone awry?