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Question for current Relatica testers (or potential future users): on the client side filtering do you think it would be better if the app remembered if you unhid a post/comment? #relatica #friendica #fediverse #moderation
Screenshot of the post hidden by a user made content filter.
Screenshot of the post a user toggled to be shown even though filtered.

I only just now saw and read XKCD’s disclaimer on best browser, platforms, and resolution etc. I should have expected no less :) #humor #GeekHumor #DevHumor is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS
at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device
from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing.

Partisan skew matrix screenshot.

Yeah, unfortunately I only speak English :(. I do use Mozilla's Firefox Translate tool to help with copy/pasting text out of Relatica and into it. But its translation is obviously a bit flawed. At least it runs locally :). I have had delusions of grandure about porting it to Dart to make it available from within Flutter :). The ones that already exist do backhauls to Yandex or Google :(.
Screenshot of Firefox Translate tool screenshot with German side reading:
Ich schreibe nun auch ab und zu über #Relatica. Vieles funktioniert schon sehr gut. Fehler über Github melden oder reicht der Hashtag?

...and English side reading:
I now also write now and then about Relatica. Many things are already working very well. Report or is the hashtag reporting or is the hashtag error about Github?

I know one or two real life long libertarians, they'd be in that 5%...but maybe it's more like 2% at this point:

95% of contemporary "libertarianism" is "fascism, plus legalized marijuana." --David Schraub #uspoli #libertarianism #fascism

Screenshot of BlueSky post by David Schraub that reads: 95% of contemporary "libertarianism" is "fascism, plus legalized marijuana."

I’m very stoked at how well my sourdough experiment went. I have a batch of starter I haven’t fed since 10 August 2021, over two years ago. I took a little out, fed it, let it sit for 2 days, fed it one more time, and ten hours later used it to make the overnight leaven for this morning’s bread. Crumb is a little tighter than normal but still a solid loaf. It’s as good or better than last year’s at ~1 year mark. I’ll give it a try again next year too. #bread #baking #sourdough #food #YeastMasters
Photo of loaf of boule bread
Photo of loaf of boule bread cut in half so can see the crumb structure.

The latest beta of the Relatica mobile and desktop Friendica client, version 0.8.0, has just been released. There are a lot of bug fixes, small new features, and small and large UI tweaks detailed fully in the CHANGELOG. Some of the biggest changes (some below screenshots showing) are simpler/nicer interactions bar, a unified timeline picker, a much more descriptive sign in/accounts manager screen, and the splash screen giving more details about what it is doing on initialization. That last one helps if the server is slow to respond. Another huge thing is Relatica is now in the Google Play store, but only available for "internal" testing. Those who would like access to that please DM me here or on Matrix so I can get your email address to add you to the allowed tester list. This is in review for the iOS and macOS stores so should be available within 24 hours. It is now available through Google Play store for those testers. Builds for Android, Intel Linux, and Intel Windows are available for direct download on the install page. #relatica #friendica #fediverse
Screenshot of Relatica v0.8.0 home timeline showing the simplified interactions area. Screenshot of Relatica v0.8.0 timeline picker showing how it is all one list now rather than a selection for various top types and if Circles/Groups was showing a list of circles/groups.
Screenshot of Relatica v0.8.0 sign in screen showing the easier (maybe not easiest yet) UI

I'm excited about the next release of Friendica because the BlueSky integration is mature enough I will activate it on my instance. NGL one of the reasons why is because some accounts, like @Ken White that abandoned Birdshite/Xitter for here are mostly posting over there now. Others that never left have since left it for there (or Threads). Threads I'll pick up when their ActivityPub bridge kicks in. But for the time being anyway there is no ActivityPub bridge from BlueSky. It is posts like this that I miss from Ken though :). Looking forward to merging BlueSky into my fediverse experience the way I used to be able to with Twitter. #fediverse #BlueSky #friendica #ElonMusk #twitter
BlueSky post by popehat that reads: "Any vestigial sympathy I ever had for Linda Yaccarino has been extinguished like a birthday candle dropped in a bucket of piss.  Being a bigot is bad enough.  But being a bigot’s flunky?  That’s just embarrassing."

I figured after the Tres Comas...err sorry...Tesla Tequila turned out to just be regular decent tequila with an inflated price people would have learned. But not the Musk Stans. Turns out they are trying their hand at beer. Of course he has to add "cyber" to the name because that's innovative. The price is way higher than normal beer but apparently it tastes like skunked malt liquor but with bottling that doesn't even pass that muster. Too funny. #ElonMusk #tesla #beer #CyberBeer #GriftersGonnaGrift
Screenshot of Twitter post by Brian Stone with four pictures of Twitter CyberBeer bottles he just received and opened looking disgusting. His action reads, "Tesla Cyberbeer is hot garbage. Not only is the lid RUSTED but the beer is also nasty. This was a miss."

It is going down to the target 2% rate but not there yet. It is however at or below the historic "good times" levels we look back on like the post-hyper inflation era of the 1980s, the 1990s, and the pre-bubble bursting early 2000s. Wages were growing faster than it in the until the post-vaccine bust of activity but again started exceeding inflantion beginning of this year and has continued to do so. Things are definitely moving in the right direction across the board. #uspoli #inflation #economics
Graph of US Inflation going back to the 1920s century. Graph of inflation versus wage growth from January 2020 to today.
Graph of US Inflation going back to turn of the 21st century

Love a good few beers after a nice hard run in a legit race but definitely don’t recommend in regular training. And I finally got to run the 10k over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I finished with just under 10 minute mile pace which was a bonus too. Between all that and waking up at 4:20 am to get to my start on time I definitely see an afternoon nap in my future. #running #fitness #BayBridge10k #RunnersOfMastodon #FediverseRunners #maryland
photo of me, a white guy, near the peak of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. photo of me, a white guy, at the post run festival
photo of me, a white guy, near the peak of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. photo of the two spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

My reluctance to contribute to a project for the first time was rooted in imposter syndrome fear people would say my code sucks. So too was my reluctance to publish a greenfield FOSS Project. Then you realize FOSS projects aren't the church of pristine code anymore than anywhere else. Rip the band-aid off! :) #programming #geekhumor #devhumor #humor
Star Trek LaForge meme
Top paneltext : Not sharing your source code out of greed
Bottom panel text: Not sharing your source code out of shame

I may have gone a little overboard on the bread making today but I had some to make and some experiments I wanted to try. To use a Julia Child quote from Julie & Julia, “Pretty good…but not great…” :) Still pleased for being out of practice and it is delicious regardless. #bread #baking #sourdough #YeastMasters
Photo of two baguette and two boule loaves of bread.

From not being able to run 0.11 miles at the beginning of the year to my first 11 mile run since 2020 and my first strong 11 mile run in a decade...very happy! I'm trying to decide if I dial the distance back to concentrate on getting faster or keep adding miles since I don't have a half marathon (or marathon) in the immediate future. I'm leaning in the concentrate improving on speed/VO2max direction for sure. #running #exercise #RunnersOfMastodon #FediverseRunners
Workout Details (Sat, Nov 4, 2023)
Workout Time: 2:19:51
Elapsed Time: 2:21:16
Distance (miles): 11.00
Active Calories: 1472
Total Calories: 1714
Elevation Gain (ft): 700
Average Power (W): 177
Average Pace: 12'42"
Average Heart Rate (BPM): 144

I'm finally watching Common Sense Skeptic's coverage of the Tesla Q3 shareholder call. When this graphic showed up I literally laughed out loud. Brilliant! #tesla #ElonMusk #CommonSenseSkeptic
Graphic of the Tesla stock price rendered as a "cybertruck" like vehicle with the caption Tesla Clusterfuck in the same font as the marketing literature that reads "Tesla Cybertruck"

Going through an issue of Better Homes and Gardens from the 1930s looking for a recipe. The pages left are at least 2/3 if not more advertising. Most pages are one column of text with two columns of ads. The issue price scaled for inflation would be $2.50, or about half of what a modern issue would cost but I bet the content to ad ratio is better now though. The ads are pretty dreadful too. I've included this one screenshot of telling mothers the best food to feed their kids for proper energy is Karo Syrup. LOL.

I thought websites were overly lousy with shitty ads. They are practically pristine in comparison!

(h/t @Retro Librarian Pillsbury ad for sending me on this goose chase :))

#history #media #magazines #advertisements #retro #vintage

Karo Syrup advertisement frome the October 1936 issue of Better Homes and Gardens with primary text reading:

Making pictures is an exacting art. That is why studio officials insist on their many actors keeping regular hours. They know that this regularity will help them to maintain the energy needed for their work. On the lot, ‘Spanky’ is often called upon to do certain scenes over. However, he rarely becomes tired or irksome for, besides regular sleep, ‘Spanky’ is fed the proper kind of foods that provide energy. I make it a practice to see that his diet includes energy foods such as Karo Syrup. I serve Karo to him in many ways—on sliced bread, waffles, pancakes, etc.,—and ‘Spanky’ likes them all. In fact, whenever he has Karo served with his meals, he tells me afterwards:—‘Gee, Mom, that tasted swell!’
Mothers everywhere can reinforce their children’s energy with Karo Syrup. I,for one, am thankful to the makers of Karo for having such an excellent food. It provides the energy ‘Spanky’ needs.

In my mileage training buildup got my first ten mile run in since early 2020 and first strong one in a decade. Actually finished even running uphill for the last quarter mile. Today my legs feel like they would any other day, so awesome. I’ve always gotten headaches when mileage started getting to these levels and yesterday was no exception despite using the same post run electrolyte strategy I used on my 9 mile day which seemed to avoid it. Gotta keep experimenting. Next week on to 11 miles! Anyway check out the beautiful autumn view I got to run in #running
selfie of me in the woods about 6 miles into the run
photo of the trail I was doing my run on showing the autumn colors of the leaves on the half bare trees and all over the ground

Quinoa tacos 🌮are a revelation! I need to find a source or recipe on how to make these shells. The filling was amazing as well. For those in Maryland I had these at Cured Table & Tap in Columbia,MD. Very satisfying and vegetarian if not vegan. #food #vegetarian #vegan #PlantBased #delicious #Maryland
Photo of two quinoa shell tacos in tortilla stands on a plate

Since I shared my net calories/weight graph over the past 8 weeks, I figured might as well illustrate what the average daily diet looked like over that last two week phase. It was a wedding leading into a long vacation so I planned for the heavy eating and drinking. Having tracked my food intake daily for over a decade I have it down to a science but the error bars get larger the more one eats out. That said the error in my estimated weight change over that interval was less than 0.25 pounds :). The yellow bar part of the pie chart is alcohol, on average 750 calories a day worth. That's essentially averaging 7-8 drinks a day, spaced out over a whole day so never getting plastered but still. Cholesterol and salt, not shown, were 3x recommended daily allowance. I am happy to be eating dialed into my target healthy diet again :0. #health #longevity #QuantifiedSelf
Screenshot of my average macro-nutrient composition over the two week vacation.
Consumed: 3994 calories
Burned: 2934 calories
Over: 1060 calories
Protein: 159.6 grams
Carbs: 352.0 grams
Fat: 126.6 grams

It's pretty clear when I was dialed in on my fat loss regiment and when I was on my trips with planned allowable calorie surpluses. :) #fitness #health #longevity #cronometer
Screenshots of my net calorie graphs and weight graphs over the last 8 weeks.

Oh good CNN is getting in on the "why good jobs reports are bad news" thing too. Outlets like the NYT, CNN, etc. may be better than the literal propaganda organs of the right of Fox News, etc. but that is such a low bar. It is ironic that the country that pioneered having freedom of the press and freedom of speech in their constitution has a media closer to what you see in a banana republic. #uspoli #msm #cnn
Screenshot of CNN coverage of the jobs report with the headline "Why the shockingly good jobs report is going to cost you".

I was going to make a NYT PitchBot like post about how the knocking it out of the park jobs report is bad news for Joe Biden/Democrats but the actual NYT decided to do a whole front page spread doing that exact same thing. Want to know why per-issues polling shows alignment with Democratic policies but Republicans are "trusted more" to deal with those issues especially on the economy? Blame MSM orgs like the NYT. And the real bitch is the right wing has created the CW that NYT et al are in the bag for Democrats. It is almost the antithesis of that. #msm #nyt #economy #uspoli
Screenshot of NYT front page showing several stories talking about how the stellar jobs report is actually a bad thing.

I actually do have a large vocabulary for someone who says the f-word so often :) #humor
Text that reads: “I say Fuck so often I literally forgot it offends some people. Sorry Fuckers.”

Getting to do a morning run along the Mediterranean Sea? Yes please! Despite the last several days of excessive eating and drinking my pace was actually just under 10 minute miles for the full three miles to boot! #running #fitness #travel #Mediterranean #sitges
Me in Sitges running along the beach Workout Time 0:30:06
Distance 3.02 mi
Total Calories 390 cal
Avg. Power 225w
Avg. Heart Rate 152 bpm
Elapsed Time 0:30:33
Active Calories 338 cal
Elevation Gain 7FT
Avg. Pace 9'57"/MI
Sunrise over the water in Sitges

Another great near-zero beer find (if you like hoppy beers anyway)…Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Hoppy Amber #beer #NABeer #ZeroBeer
photo of can of Brooklyn Brewery NA beer

Last week was my first 6 mile run since 2021. Today was my first 7 mile run since 2020. Since I’m going to be having more middling distances the next couple weeks for travel reasons I decided it was okay to push the distance a bit. I felt strong enough the beginning of mile 4 that I decided to crank up the pace for miles 5 and 6 a bit even with an easier pace for the last mile. I do love when they convert these old railroad lines into nature trails, like this Heritage Trail in New York State. Perfect reuse to provide people usable nature spaces. #running #fitness #health #NewYork #nature #HeritageTrail
me in front of the Heritage Trail trail head sign in Goshen, NY at the beginning of the run picture of the heritage trail picture of me at the end of my run not much worse for the wear :)
Running   Pace.          Heart Rate (bpm)
1  10'54"/MI   143
2  10'22"/MI   153
3  11'05"/MI    151
4  10'21"/MI   159
5   9'43"/MI   163
6   9’52"/MI   166
7. 10'40"/MI   164 picture of some scenery just off the heritage trail

Got gold in the #Peloton “All for One” challenge. This is first festival I’ve participated in that had a corresponding challenge with it. I like the gamification balance they hit. It was a mix of cycling, strength workouts, and #yoga #fitness
screenshot of the peloton challenge card

My first six mile run since 2021 (when I ran a 10K). I’m pretty pleased I was able to keep my heart rate in the below 160 zone the whole time. Legs were getting fatigued though. Good progress overall #running #fitness #heath
1 Mile Splits
   Time.  Pace.        Heart Rate
1 11:28. 11'28"/MI.  137BPM
2 11:32 11'32"/MI.   145BPM
3 11:46. 11'46/MI.    150врм
4 12:24. 12'24"/MI. 152врм
5 12:32. 12'32"/MI.  154врм
6 12:20. 12'20"/MI.  158BPM

One thing I had missed from my running days of 2012/2013 was doing morning scenic runs when on vacation. That could be running the streets of a city, on the beach, etc. on my recent visit to New Orleans this weekend at the same time as Southern Decadence (and Garth Brooks concerts) I finally once again got to do such a run in NOLA for the first time in a decade. Loved it! #running #NOLA #health #fitness #SouthernDecadence
picture of me in front of Jackson Square in New Orleans during my run picture of me along the waterfront in the French Quarter of New Orleans during my run
picture of Lafite’s Blacksmith shop in New Orleans opening as I was finishing up my run

TIL there is such a thing as professional cornholing (the game not the NSFW version of the term). The only thing I seee missing is the beers :)
picture of tv showing national cornhole championship on espn

TIL that it wasn’t Star Trek TNG that came up with the idea for a positronic brain for androids. Isaac Asimov used that terminology in I, Robot in the 1950s. I’m not sure if he was the first but that’s still decades before Commander Data was imagined into existence. #scifi #StarTrek #IsaacAsimov
screenshot of text from I Robot reading:”All that had been done in the mid-twenti-eth century on "calculating machines" had been upset by Robertson and his positronic brain-paths. The miles of relays and photocells had given way to the spongy globe of plantinumiridium about the size of a human brain.”

Got my retro-college run in while visiting campus. I somehow did it with a pace time more than one minute per mile faster than I have been running. Just under five miles, hit up a bunch of my old haunts and just touring the campus. What a wonderful way to start the day :) #running #fitness #health
selfie of me on a scenic part of the campus

Half an hour into my multi-day multi-stop driving trip to Orlando, home of The Moose…err…The Mouse, I decided to switch on my TIDAL Daily Discovery list and this song fired up. I love the serendipity! May I not have a Griswald worthy trip :) #tidal #music #humor
picture of my Apple CarPlay display showing “Holiday Road” (the theme song from National Lampoon’s Vacation).

I have to say I'm pretty floored by the 100% plant based crab cakes I just ate, made by Omni. Flavor-wise tasted exactly like a crab cake. Texture-wise it was as a good as your average mediocre crab cake you'd get in most of the world. So of course it wouldn't hold a candle to a good Maryland area crab cake but that's not a deal breaker for me in this context. Nutrition wise though it rocks. It has more protein by weight than even pure lump crab meat much less a crab cake while also having slightly less sodium, half the fat, and half the calories of a real crab cake. Not only would I buy this again but I am going to try their other products too. #PlantBased #OmniFoods #health #nutrition #vegetarian #vegan
Picture a slate background with two whole and one split apart plant based crab cake by OMNI.

Since last week's running taper week was sabotaged by me inadvertently pushing the cycling component more than intended I'm making this week a total pull back week. Adding HIIT training for one of the cycling distances wasn't smart. Adding a full 60 minute endurance zone training for the other was sheer stupidity. By the 50 minute mark my legs were shot! Anyway, I'm going to keep the distance taper I did last week but going to make all three runs easy runs versus just one and the easy run is going to be easier. The cycling I'm going to leave as recovery runs. Assuming my legs and body tell me they are charged up again I'll be ready to start ramping things up again albeit it more gradually next week. #running #cycling #Peloton #fitness #longevity #health
Graph of my miles per week and max miles for a given run since I restarted my fitness routine