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2022-01-17 15:05:51

Pennsylvania, USA


#aspergers #science #microbiologist #atheist #atheism #politics #liberal #leftism #fedi22

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"I know I have pirate problems. I know you have serious ass pirate problems!
-Sifl and Olly

"Blasphemy mixed equally with humility leads to enlightenment"

"Dogma is created to allow the stupid to think they found enlightenment"

"it's amazing how technology has evolved climate control and multi-media to blind people of the damage its doing"

"Society deems the most evolved to be the people who don't notice the negative changes occurring"

The mind is what separates humans from animals. It is there to relieve sufferings of yourself, others and nature. If you cannot do that, be like an animal. While the mind is a terrible thing to waste, the misuse of the mind can cause much more suffering than an animal ever could.

"Honor is only given to those who give honor to others" - a Jewish scribe

Religion is for people who suck at science and critical thinking

Making someone suffer is worse than death, death is inevitable, suffering should not be. Suffering should only be natures way of letting you know something is wrong.

The person who invented the wheel inadvertently helped invent the DVD

The true lover of knowledge will eventually find money easy to come by, but find little use for it for his own sake.-Einstein or me maybe can't remember

Freedom has to be achieved not begged for, snatched not prayed for. A freedom that is given to you as a gift out of compassion is not of much value. Hence, in Buddhism there is no savior. -Osho

The struggle for freedom is what educates a person to use it properly.

"Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding" - Sōsuke Aizen, Bleach

Constant learning and adaptation is the only way to ensure you harm no one

The best way to educate is to listen and correct misunderstandings

"Foolish men prefer weaker women" -Horo, Spice and Wolf

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About Me:
Microbiologist working with cells and bioreactors. Long time youtuber on science, leftish politics, psychology and atheism. Former naval nuclear electrician. Former adjunct college instructor for math, biology and chemistry. Constant rabid study of anything that crosses my path.

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 Venture Brothers, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra
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English - Fluent, French - Intermediate, German - Intermediate, American Sign Language - Beginner

Agnostic Atheist is what I don't believe, and a what I do believe is a mix of Secular Humanism, Buddhism and Taoism

Political Views
Mutual Social Democrat. 1/3rd liberal, 1/3rd socialist, 1/3rd anarchist all Green. Ideologies are tools in a toolbox depending on the problem. With Ranked choice voting I would be with a different party