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Slow death of Twitter API?

@Friendica Developers After Twitter killed the access of third party clients, I am unsure about any development efforts for the Twitter client API in Friendica. I use the Twitter API in my Friendiqa app mainly due to the permission stuff that existed there and addional content (in the friendica_HTML field). I am considering to switch to the Mastodon API. For that some addional fields apart from the pure Mastodon fields are needed. What do you think about the situation?

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Of course we will keep the Twitter endpoints. But I prefer to improve the Mastodon endpoints instead, since they are much more structured.

Also with a lot of help by @Hank G ☑️ the API currently is massively extended. So I suggest to focus more on the Mastodon endpoints and to request extensions there.

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@Marco R. It's okay, @Hank G ☑️ has been adding Friendica-specific fields to some Mastodon API endpoints, just tell us what you need.

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I'm mostly using the Mastodon API for my own app, and as @Hypolite Petovan highlighted I'm adding some extra fields to some of the Mastodon endpoints or adjacent ones to it (like a dislike/undislike endpoint that uses Mastodon JSON responses). I am still leveraging some of the old Friendica ones as well specifically: groups and events. I'm actually using the Twitter DM ones as well. Those need a bit of polishing up though.

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