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Yup. Even "the good ones" have, especially once they got monopoly or duopoly level status with mass adoption. It's almost like there is a formula or something. And yes, look at the business models being presented for AI and metaverse platforms and it makes the already horrible era of surveillance capitalism look quaint but with ads on top to boost. #geekhumor #devhumor #DeleteBigTech
Nothing much wrong with subscription based or ad supported, except when used in combination. Urrgh !
Though, I prefer the older model : I buy a product, I own a product. End-of. Subscription is fine providing it continues producing content, but there should be the alternative of buying selected items instead.
@Rhysy Correct, subscription based is fine but then they at least sell your data anyway and/or add ads. Nowadays it'll be all three. Even Apple is getting in on the gig after purging their platform of other people's ad systems and planning on sucking out their percentages of that.
@Rhysy The model I like is like what JetBrains does which is you have access to the versions you've paid through with loyalty discounts for staying in the annual subscription phase. It is still murder on software conservancy though of course :(.
Thanks :). I forgot to add the #SurveillanceCapitalism tag but since most of the systems Friendica (my home) federates to don't do edits I just left it off :(
technology and progress are good but some entities do all the possible to make them unbearable... :flan_heckk: