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I just ran across this 2015 video from @Andy Balaam's programming lectures experimenting with Dart when it first came out (so just in the browser). I dabbled with it back then too as a JavaScript replacement too. This was before TypeScript or ES6 that made way more headway than Dart ever did. But it did get me thinking about maybe trying this as a server side/Dart for the web experiment. This would not be Flutter Web but raw Dart in the browser (it compiles down to JavaScript) or maybe using Jaspyr. I've never written a Snake game before so that could be an interesting experience too. I'd seen these sorts of exercises on retrohardware and never thought of using it to explore this. #flutter #DartLang #JavaScript #TypeScript
Perhaps something like this?

Interesting editor. I've been struggling with using VSCode/VSCodium for stuff so may check it out. Is this your favorite editor?
It's only for Clojure and Python (if I'm not mistaken.)
Remember, I'm in love with Julia.😆

One of their demo videos used JavaScript I think but maybe I'm misremembering...
jaspr is great! Highly recommend checking out
Cool! Yeah I'm hoping to dabble with it soon. Flutter Web is great for the whole pixel "perfect" thing but not really "web". Have you used it in production?
I haven't made production-grade apps with it, but I did play around a little and really enjoyed it. Also, jasprpad is written in Jaspr, so you can check it out as an example of a production app :)
Yep I got as far as doing some very simple stuff like that. I'm looking forward to trying something more complicated after just doing a plain Dart Web App.
awesome! Good luck! :)
Thanks! I have aspirations to blog about it afterward. I just finished the NCURSES implementation (another first) and I'm very much in a procrastinate by doing other things mood today so...