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Just a reminder to everyone, I wrote a book! If you have read it please give an honest review of the book on Amazon. If you have not please order it. The #Skeptical #Buddha the #Tao of #Science

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@Sir Rochard Bunson OD๐Ÿ Both can be very scientific depending on the branches, though each has their own flaws and biases as expected of anything written by humans, especially ones without access to modern science and psychology.
@Sir Rochard Bunson OD๐Ÿ There are so many Buddhist texts I do more of an overview of the different branches and general beliefs. I go into a bit more detail covering the tao te ching, the chuang-tzu and the lieh-tzu and do a bit more of a break down, also noting that to the Chinese there is no separation of these works and the mystical religious texts, that was all a protestant interpretation, that these were true taoism and like the Catholics they added these extra religious texts onto them.
@Raven No sorry, The only reason I was able to take the leap on this was the print-on-demand that Amazon provides. I don't have the up front capital nor reach to crowdsource. If it hadn't been for that, I would have never bothered to publish. I have actually still lost more money than I made on it because my marketing skills are garbage. I should probably look into non-amazon digital publishing, but I've sold so few copies at this point, and only one review(which is essential to feed the algorithm), after a little over a year I'm kinda burnt out and just feel like, what's the point. At some point I will get inspired to try to research some other marketing tactics but until then marketing will be very passive.
Looks seriously interesting.