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I haven't updated my Facebook Partisanship score graph since the beginning of the year. This takes the top 10 daily trending stories, ranks them from -10 (very left partisan) to 10 (very right partisan) and averages the score for the day. This year has really been trending a lot closer to middle of the road *but* it's not because there are equal numbers of far left/right days. It's that the algorithmic boosting seems to be pushing more neutral content (pop music, cat videos, etc). #DeleteFacebook #DeleteMeta #DeleteBigTech

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I deleted my Facebook account years ago & I am now depreciating my WhatsApp account & repurposing my Instagram account.
I'm on and off there but mostly off. I do wish I had even 10% of the IRL connections here that I have on Facebook.
Facebook was too much drama for me. But the tipping point was a crazy as policy Facebook had (they have since removed it) that pushed me towards deleting my account.
I'm fortunate to not have had bad personal experiences. I just loath the company itself and what it has done to the world.
@Darnell Clayton :verified: i had been meaning to leave Facebook for years. But i finally did it this year when they wanted me to turn on 2FA to unlock my account