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Beautiful story! 😍
Wow! What an amazing story!
this is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
Image description in text, kinda. It's a bad photo of a corner full of many many hardbacks arranged into neat stacks
tremendous story, thanks for sharing.

I posted one about a letter found in a library book a while back. Not nearly as dramatic but still an interesting find:
Wow, what a beautiful story !
Thanks for sharing that amazing story!!

A friend and mentor for decades left me a collection of books when he died. I use one of the reference sets regularly. Although though the content is somewhat outdated, I occasionally come across notes he left in the margins and it makes me very happy.
beat that serendipity, internet!
for $1 I’d say that’s great value 😋
An amazing story.

Definitely motivation for those "dare I try it?" moments. For $1 and a phone call you got hundreds of books, a new friend, and a wonderful story to tell.
Very cool story! I found a love letter from a couple I knew slightly in a high school chemistry book - either it was unsent, or received and forgotten. I never had the guts to hand it back to them, but afaik they're still together :)
That's wonderful.
These are the kinds of posts that make social media worthwhile. Real humanity.