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Trump suspensions lifted on Facebook and Instagram. Because of course. Gotta get the engagement up to drive up revenue even if it fucks over the foundation of society and the planet. “New guardrails” is BS too. These Silicon Valley techbro billionaires and their lackeys and sycophants can all go fuck themselves. #trump #facebook #instagram #BillionairesShouldNotExist #DeleteTwitter #DeleteFacebook #BigTechShouldNotExist
I wonder for how long my accounts would be suspended if I also encouraged an insurrection?
fucking hell…I hate working as a marketer with those damn sites, as the uppers seem to think we have to use them
Pour one out for the Truth Social / DWAC shareholders.

Or don't - they should have seen this coming.
The way he sucked them dry for him and his sons was a pathetic sight as well. Rather than learn all these types know how to do is grovel and suck up more.
I should have used the #ETTD Hashtag on the OP: Everything Trump Touches Dies
I agree. The way people bend themselves into pretzels to allow that orange turd in society is insane. He had no business being president and certainly should not be allowed anywhere after trying to overthrow a fail election. He should be in jail not on social media FFS
my holiday from Meta may just have turned into a trial separation. Divorce proceedings to follow.
Yeah I’ve been mostly off for awhile. Essentially I log in every once in awhile to accept friend requests from people I meet on a vacation or something. But I think I’m going to have to get more drastic.
Just in time for the '24 election
Actually reporting I shared previously here was about how his exclusivity agreement with Truth runs out at the end of spring and they are ready to come back and abuse theee platforms with a vengeance.
How dare you be vocally prejudiced against people working through their economic anxiety!
just deleted my account, and of course I let them know it was because of their latest reinstatement of DJT. I also told them that their constant advertising sucks. Done!
The rich will always be there; and deleting social sites won't end the problem. Everyone knew this would happen, reinstatement. Why aren't we in the streets? Because it's easier to use social sites. We are used to them since Covid. Take the people, in peace, to the streets and to DC.