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If you're worried about climate change, please remember: you can't fix it without first destroying the rich.

Enjoy your hellscape ❤️

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@Oli T 49% of all carbon emissions are caused by 4% of the richest people on the planet. Redistribute that and then rest of us would have the money to upgrade our lives to be greener.
@anubis2814 A solid plan which makes complete sense, would succeed wonderfully, and therefore almost certainly won't happen
@Oli T Why building community is essential to surviving this, however our abilities to do so have been purposely broken by neo-liberalism. I discuss ideas on how to fix some of this on my youtube channel, same name, including an idea of a website that is a meetup/okcupid hybrid that helps people find community and teaches them how to maintain community so it wont end up collapsing or ending in a power struggle.