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Sooo... #Instapot filed for bankruptcy BECAUSE THEY MADE THEIR PRODUCT TOO GOOD AND NO ONE BOUGHT THEM ANYMORE BE CAUSE THEY ONLY NEEDED A CERTAIN NUMBER OF THEM!!! Literally FUCK #CAPITALISM !!!! The ONE item that we can buy that will last us for years get punished for making their product too good in this market. They should be rewarded, not punished if the product they make is great not punished!
@M. Grégoire Wow they also make Pyrex another amazing long lasting invention!

Looking at the article sales were falling, though it's not clear to me that that was because their products were durable — Pyrex and Corningware have been successful for decades, notwithstanding their durability.

But companies that become heavily indebted run into trouble when interest rates rise. That's the stated reason for the bankruptcy.

I feel like we need to buy up used ones for currency the way gun nuts do with guns