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For the record I am still using an iPhone 11 and don't see any need to upgrade yet from that even. #geekhumor #apple
I had a spat of batteries blowing up on me before this one otherwise I may even still be on an 8 or something lol. I'm not even using 1/3 of my storage space. All my apps run more than fast enough. There are no new features I feel I'm missing. I think the first thing that'll move me off is improvements in the camera. Even compared to the 13 I could tell how much better the camera is in low light conditions.
i'm going from 6S to 14. Definitely not the same.
Definitely not. That is an enormous jump. Did we even have TouchID in 6S?
it was introduced in the 5S model. I never used it on the 6S because it wasn't reliable. But i do a lot of shop work with my hands so maybe fingerprint wasn't reliable.
I’m thinking about it, for the SatComs. I have a 13 Pro (which has a mind-bogglingly good camera) and am considering whether it’s worth it as I could cancel my Personal Locator Beacon subscription.

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