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No idea if this Mastodon thing is going to work but worth a shot. I'm a health researcher interested in patient and staff experiences, patient and public involvement in research and quality improvement.
In my other life I'm also a linguist and lover of all things European, who campaigned vigorously against brexit and is still infurtiated by the damage caused.
And a lover of cats...
[UPDATE - this was back in 2022, but I think I can now say this Mastodon thing is working....]
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@Louise Locock Welcome, lots of kitties here just do a search for #cats #catsofmastodon #catsofpixelfed #fediversecats Also feel free to ask if you need help, we are a friendly bunch.
@anubis2814 I've been here a while in fact - suddenly my pinned toot has got widely shared again, not quite sure why! But yes, love #CatsOfMastodon

Not sure if this will work, first time trying to "share" a post.

Every time I walk through the dining room I grin at this. If art is supposed to bring joy, my latest piece is a total success.

Thanks again to @arose62 for the idea :)

A wall of pictures of black cats; one of the lower pictures is hung at an angle. A silhouette of a black cat is sitting on the chair rail, reaching up to pull at the corner of the picture.

Since you are interested in patient and staff experiences, my book 'Lifeline - The Case for Effective Cancer Immunotherapy' (ISBN 978-0-9687711-3-6) might be of interest to you. The first part 'Cathy's Case History' describes a patient experience of cancer treatment gone wrong while the follow-up segments tear a strip off Big Pharma, the pretence of doing research and the rip-off pricing policies. It concludes pointing to immunotherapy as an effective cancer treatment.
P.S. Greetings from my cat companion Sparky to your cats.
Hi, I'm also interested in rural and remote healthcare, but through the lens of digital inclusion. Part of my work is to is to promote the benefits of citizens being online and access to NearMe is one of the key hooks.
@SiobhanVohn ooh interesting. We did a study during covid of asynchronous remote consultation in secondary care. Paper under review
ooh, I'd like to read that when it's published. Here's a paper recently published by my boss Aaron Slater at SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations) along with Tara French at the Digital Health & Care Directorate at ScotGov.
@SiobhanVohn thanks, emailed it to myself for the morning!
I think you’ll fit right in!
What Mastodon thing are you trying to get to work?
@lydiaconwell this was a post from when I first started actively using Mastodon a year ago at the time of the first Great X-odus, as it were. I'm fine with it!
OK, obvs no-one knows whether it'll work for you other than you. But it'll definitely 'work' for most people here. And that's an interesting intro, so keep posting and build the follower thing. Just suggesting, of course.
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@bytebro It's an old pinned post that suddenly went a bit viral this evening, no idea why. Updated it to explain
Welcome! :-)
Use hashtags, because only hashtags can be searched for on a lot of instances. Have fun with #catsofmastodon, enjoy #science and other related topics just by clicking on the hashtags - and follow a lot of very interesting persons. Enjoy!
Welcome to the fediverse ! Its fine even if it doesnt work out ..some things should be done regardless
yeah i see that now.. wonder how it showed up only now in my timeline
@_nityaa_ I think it must have been someone with a large number of followers deciding to boost it, and it went a bit viral. I replaced it with a new pinned tweet in the end to avoid the confusion. It was originally posted when the first real twitter exodus (or X-odus 😂) happened, and although I'd had an account for a while it was when I first started using it in earnest. So at that point I was unsure if it'd take off. It did - but still some things I miss!