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Content warning: Relatica v0.5.0 (Beta) Released

Content warning: Relatica v0.5.0 (Beta) Released

Content warning: Relatica v0.5.0 (Beta) Released

Content warning: Relatica v0.5.0 (Beta) Released

Content warning: Relatica v0.5.0 (Beta) Released

I somehow like the desktop mode with columns on sides. I hope this space will be eventually well used :)
You mean the multi-column mode that Mastodon uses? to the initial rendition...I'll be honest that I stole it from playing with a friend's instance of Facebook app on their iPad. I was looking to see how their UI did something and noticed how much nicer it was having the columns not go on across the entire screen in landscape mode. On the desktop those are filled with other things like ads or buttons to other parts of the site. I'm not sure what I would do with it. I thought about for the initial release trying the Mastodon multi-column layout but that was going to be a lot harder than this so I punted :).
I can imagine using it for (for example) timeline calendar showing where are you now and you can click on date to go to posts for this date. Or on user profiles there can be selection of pictures from their gallery. I think more ideas will come out with daily using of your app :)
An archive browser is definitely something I'm going to implement. I was thinking it as more of a separate screen, like the galleries browser is right now. Using it for multi-panels for something like profiles could be a very interesting idea though too. As you said, it will continue to evolve the more it is used :)
There can also be place for tag-cloud or category filtering :)

Personally, I like using multiple columns, although not the way Mastadon's "advanced" UI does it. I just use a Userstyle to expand what would normally be a single column into multiple columns.

Usually, I modify whatever normally occupies left/right sides with a narrow column that expands when I hover over it. This means that most of the screen width is available for the columns of the main stream, but the functionality present in the side columns is still available.

@Isaac Kuo What are in the side columns in that configuration?

It depends on the site. I have multi-column userstyles for Diaspora, Mastodon (works with both "Advanced" and basic UI, in different ways), Tumblr, MeWe, and Facebook.

Of these, Tumblr and Facebook have CSS changes often enough that I need to fix them up relatively frequently, although it has actually been some time since the last time I needed to update them.

The one which has the most refinements is Diaspora, since I use Diaspora most heavily. For the others, I've tried to keep my modifications to a minimum, so it'll be less likely to break things and less effort to maintain.

@Isaac Kuo I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that. That'd be interesting to look at for ideas!

The screenshots don't show the "hover" activity in action, but anyway here are my userstyles:

The screenshots are a bit out of date also.

Is it possible to get a TestFlight code for the iOS version? I've been using Mona, which "works", but isn't ideal. Very happy to provide feedback or bug reports.
Yep. The public testing max head count is pretty large. It's not large enough I want to post it publicly but I'll give it to anyone who asks me directly. I'll DM one to you.