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The the writers strike already has at least one icon—and she’s not a writer. Lindsay Dougherty is a Teamster boss who heads up Local 399. She said Teamster trucks would not cross picket lines. And she sent a raucous message that rang out through Hollywood: “What I’d like to say to the studios is: If you want to fuck around, you’re gonna find out." HTTPS://
Photo of Hollywood Teamster Boss Lindsay Dougherty
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Funny how adept the mainstream press are to finding potential systempunkts in class struggles.
Even better, when one union strikes, all unions strike. End of right wing madness in one day.
Her stance on this is impressive. In general, the studios will try to walk over everyone in turn so she’s helping out the people getting hit at the moment to hopefully raise the bar going forward. The more painful this becomes for the studios, the less likely it is to recur in the near term…
dang, she's striking a great pose.
Steves, do you have any skin in the game?
This is such a good story!
Let me rephrase: do you stand to lose anything if wealthy corporations continue to put pressure on wages and benefits for workers?

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absolutely hero shit. That’s how you use worker solidarity.
this is one of those people I’m glad is on our side and not the bosses side
#ALT4you Photo of Hollywood Teamster Boss Lindsay Dougherty
I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
There's a lot of stage hands in Teamsters
Badass! Great interview. 🤘
Not crossing the picket lines is great! Going on a parallel sympathy strike is even better.